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Image by Carlynn Alarid

How to Pray on
Media Prayer Day

We encourage you to pray for all people who work in NZ’s media: presenters, writers, editors, directors, journalists, designers, actors, producers, industry executives and the multitude of others who work within NZ’s media.

If you prefer, here’s a suggested prayer. You may like to download this prayer as a PDF file.

E to matou Matua i te rangi, / Our Father in Heaven,


We bring before You all who work within New Zealand’s media.


We ask for Your blessing on the producers, directors, presenters, managers, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, advertisers, publishers and the vast array of others who make up New Zealand’s media.


Your Word instructs us to pray for people in places of responsibility (1 Tim 2v2). So God, to these media professionals, please grant wisdom and discernment. 


Help media decision-makers and content-creators to be sensitive to the needs of their audiences and our communities. Use their words, pictures and stories to touch hearts and engage people’s minds towards goodness, truth and beauty. May their work bring healing, laughter and hope.


We pray for those behind the scenes and those in the spotlight. We thank You for their talents and technical abilities. As they write, edit, film and broadcast, please use their skills to shine light where there’s darkness, to comfort those who are suffering and bring joy to the lonely.


We pray for a greater openness to Your Spirit, that more people in the media would look to You for wisdom, inspiration and guidance.


May we, as followers of Christ, always seek to bless, love and serve – rather than criticise. Help us to reorient our posture, so that when we experience media that is destructive, we will maintain a constructive attitude of respect and prayer.


By Your grace, we pray for New Zealand’s media to be raised to its highest purpose; to be a vehicle for good, for edification and truth, for dignity and courage, and the flourishing of your world. 


Lord, make our media a blessing in this nation.

Ki te ingoa o te Matua, o te Tama, o te Wairua Tapu. / We pray all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,  



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