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Get Involved

In essence, we are simply asking churches and individuals to take a few moments of their Sunday service on 3 July 2022 to pray.

Every church is different and will approach Media Prayer Day differently -

  •  2 minute option: Some churches will take a minute to explain Media Prayer Day and then pray.

  • 3 minute option: We have crafted a prayer which you are welcome to read out (available on the MPD website).

  • 6 minute option: We hope most churches will play the 3 minute MPD video and then pray – either as a congregation or in small groups.

  • All out option! Some churches may go all the way and make their whole service about the role of the media in our society, how we consume media, and its impact in our lives.

Every approach is appreciated!


Please let us know if your church will participate this year by phoning 0800 PRAYER – or by emailing us at

Explore this site for stacks of ideas and downloads to help make your church service more creative and memorable.


Please take a few moments on Sunday 3 July to pray. If you can encourage your church or small group to join, even better! We’d love you to follow us on social media and share images, videos and interviews online.

NB: Media Prayer Day is not about promoting a particular organisation, it’s purely about asking for prayer

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